Carla Sheppard – Bookkeeping Assistant & Legacies Administrator

Carla joined Viva! in 2022 after being a supporter for many years and attending lots of Viva!’s events. As Bookkeeping Assistant & Legacies Administrator, her role ensures the smooth running of all of Viva!’s outgoings, maintaining accurate records and ensuring all payments are made on time. This is alongside managing all of Viva!’s legacies from our very generous supporters, liaising with solicitors and being on standby to answer any queries from those wishing to leave a gift to Viva! in their will.

Carla became vegetarian in her teens, and later vegan after learning more about the dairy and egg industries. Having always felt a love and connection with animals, it was important that the way she lived her life was in alignment with her ethics, and she continues to advocate for the animals wherever possible.

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