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South Korea buries pigs alive

Live burials

To counter the foot and mouth epidemic, South Korea has been burying pigs alive. The news has been hitting Korean headlines, causing uproar and demonstrations.  

Not only does this issue raise animal welfare concerns, it also raises environmental concerns. Adequate measures, it seems, have not been taken to reduce of the risk of water contamination and land contamination.

It begs the question of why this policy was introduced if there was a risk of the Foot and Mouth Disease being spread further.


After almost a year of 'culling', they have only just announced that vaccinations will be taking place to prevent further spreading.

It has been reported that an estimated 60 per cent of cows have been vaccinated so far, in contrast to the estimated 8 per cent of pigs vaccinated. All these animals need protection from the disease, not just the select few.

You can read up on all the facts, figures and other news of the cull going on in South Korea.

What you can do to help

Whilst Viva! are against the slaughter of all animals, these methods are too abhorrent for us to pass by without calling on the South Korean government to abandon such horrific practices. See the letter we sent them.

Please write politely to the South Korean Embassy to let them know that the world is watching these horrific abuses:

South Korean Embassy in London
60 Buckingham Gate
Tel: 020 7227 5500
Fax: 020 7227 5503

You can use our template letter below:

Dear South Korean Embassy

I have recently become aware that the foot and mouth epidemic in South Korea is being dealt with by the live burial of pigs, and wanted to register my concern at this shocking news with you.

Whilst I disagree with the rearing and slaughter of all animals for food and other products, the treatment in this case is so horrendous that I had to speak out.

Pigs are intelligent animals and they share the same emotions as us humans. As a human being, we can only imagine what it would be like to be dumped into a plastic lined pit alive with hundreds of other humans, but I’m sure we can all identify with the terror.

I implore you to at the very least abandon such horrific practices.

Until the South Korean government ends such barbaric practices, then I will have no choice but to boycott South Korean goods and strike it off as a tourist destination.

Yours faithfully,